10 juni 2009

I can feel your message boy

Ok, har försummat min pedagogiska skyldighet ett bra tag...
Alla bloggposter är betitlade med rader ur sångtexter, och det var länge sen jag redovisade ursprunget.

Denna: I can feel your message boy - är Scritti Politti, A little knowledge heter låten

Somewhere only we know - Keane

Standing up is scary if you think you´re gonna fall - ABBA, On and on and on

I´m standing in my corner and I´m minding my own business - Weeping willows, Everybody is lonely

And so I face the final curtain - Robbie Williams, (eller varför inte Frankie boy?) My way

Why do I go when I go - Counting Crows, Why should you come when I call

I've got many rivers to cross but I can´t seem to find my way over - UB40, Many rivers to cross

If you don´t know me by now - Simply Red

Okay, so you're Brad Pitt, that don´t impress me much - Shania Twain

Everybody pays as they go - Jakob Dylan

You´ll never believe me, so why don´t you find out for yourself - Morrissey

I´ve got hungry eyes - Dirty Dancins, Eric Carmen... men hallå???? en till från denna film?

Where have all the flowers gone - Klassiker! Pete Seegers originalversion som Earth, Wind and Fire swingar till på ett absurt sätt

I want muscles - Diana Ross, Muscles

Hand in hand, spring and fall - The Ark, Disease

There is a light that never goes out - Morrissey

I have such a sweet tooth when it comes to love - HAIR, Black boys

Love is my drug is my heroin - John ME

When you are born a lover you are born to suffer - Depeche Mode, Goodnight Lovers

When I look at you I can see the harm you can do - Ingen aning! Tips någon?

Don´t let the world catch you crying - Confusions

I´m breaking out, I´m flying higher than a pig in space - Jamiroquai, Main vein

Your car's a dump and you're broke but that's all right - Robyn, Bum like you

Ladies, it aint easy being independent - Destiny´s child, Independent women

You wrote a book about yourself, the people left it on the shelf - Belle and Sebastian, Put the book back on the shelf

I think I´m gonna start a band - Brainpool, Bandstarter

For once I want to be the car crash - Snow Patrol, Headlights on dark roads

Could have loved you better - Glen Phillips, Marigolds

It´s raining men - amen - Weather girls

It's been a long cold lonely winter - The Beatles, Here comes the sun

I'm drained and I'm dry and I'm sore - Snow Patrol, One Hundred Things you Should Have Done in bed

Their moves are slow but soon you'll know - José Gonzales, Slow moves

My secret garden's not so secret anymore - Depeche Mode, My secret Garden

I still haven´t found what I´m looking for - U2

Hey little droid - is your head on wrong? - Robyn, Robotboy

They have to stop me ´cause I´ve gone too far - Salem al Fakir, 12 fingers

Let's hold out for somethin' sweeter - spread your wings and fly - Live, The distance

I will be chasing the starlight until the end of my life - Muse, Starlight

I´m not going down on my knees begging you to adore me - Depeche Mode, Shake the disease

Don´t fight it if it feels good - Better than Ezra, It´s only natural

Walk the streets for money - you don´t care if it´s wrong or right - Police, Roxanne

The trouble is not moving mountains, it´s digging the ground that you´re on - Jakob Dylan, Something good this way comes

This wicked little town - Hedwig and the angry inch

Det är inte mig det är fel på, det kommer du fatta en dag - Bo Kaspers orkester

You've got all the sugar you'll ever need - Dan Wilson, Sugar

Stop me if you think you´ve heard this one before - The Smiths

I can´t see you now, but I still know you´re here - Glen Phillips, Blind sight

I´ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you - Bill Medley, Time of my life

Det enda spegeln visar är en grym, grym min- Kent, Slutsats

If I had a weapon just like in my dreams - Sator, It´s so cold without a gun

When time gets the best of me it won´t matter anymore - Far too Jones, Best of me

It´s a crazy kind of cold - minns inte... någon som kanske vet?

I´ve got six things on my mind, you´re no longer one of them - Prefab Sprout, Desire as

Travelling without moving - Jamiroquai

Waiting for my time to come - The Wellingtons

Who pays the price - INXS, Who pays the price

If you can´t get behind your own life, get behind the driving wheel - Ben Kweller, Penny on the train track

When the lights are out in this dirty little town - Hedwig and the angry inch, Wicked little town

War - what is it good for - Frankie goes to Hollywood, War

Now I am as humble as a bumle bee - John Wesley Harding, Humble Bee

Somewhere only we know

Jag har en förmåga att hitta mystiska skador på mina kroppsdelar. Ibland vet jag inte ens varför jag har gjort illa mig. Ibland vet jag PRECIS varför.

Idag hittade jag ett konstigt rivsår, säkert 3 centimeter långt, på rumpan! Vad i hela friden?

Svag kroppsuppfattning kan bero på många saker. I mitt fall hoppas jag att det är drogernas fel. Det som definitivt är drogernas fel är de senaste dagarnas mycket brutala mardrömmar. Där hade jag problem att ens hålla kvar kroppsdelarna på kroppen. Armar och ben for lite vart som helst, och inte bara mina - andras kroppsdelar for också runt över golvet, som lössläppta hingstar på Wången eller myggan man fångar men inte lyckas döda och som surrar iväg när man öppnar den knutna näven igen.

Jag blev överfallen och jagad av elaka människor med stora knivar och hamnade i långa telefonköer till helpdesk. Snacka om mardröm.